Ātene is located roughly halfway between Whakaihuwaka and Koritini, on the Whanganui River, 35km from the Whanganui city. Its principal hapū is Ngāti Hineoneone of the iwi Te ti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi.

The marae wharenui is named Te Rangi-i-heke-iho. The marae connects ancestrally to the waka Aotea, the maunga Ruapehu and the awa Whanganui. The hill next to Ātene, Puketapu, was once on a peninsula almost completely surrounded by a meander of the Whanganui River; centuries ago the river broke through the neck of the peninsula, connecting the two bends and cutting off the meander. In the 1960s, a hydroelectric dam was proposed at Ātene, because the meander could have been reinstated while the dam was being constructed. A hydroelectric dam would have flooded the river as far back as Taumarunui, and the project was abandoned. While investigating the possibility of a dam, the Ministry of Works built a road in 1959 along the ridgeline overlooking Puketapu. The road is now an 18 km walking track, the Ātene Skyline Track.


Ātene Emergency Plan