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Be a Part of Your Community


There is, for many of our whānau living at-home along the river road, a strong sense of communal spirit which drives them to pursue their collective dreams and aspirations by working together for community development and wellbeing.


A drive along the river road is a step back in time revealing the heritage of local iwi, remnants of early European settlement and many historical landmarks and features. These rural settlements along the 64km road include Pungarehu, Parikino, Ātene, Koriniti, Matahiwi, Rānana, Jerusalem and Pipiriki.


Our journey has had its challenges, sometimes taking one step forward and landing two back – change was never going to be easy. There were many interesting moments from the outset and it has been a steep learning curve for all involved and the lessons learnt have set a course for many projects to be successfully completed.

Community focused

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