Community-led development is about working together to create and achieve locally-owned visions and goals.

We are continually grateful to the Department of Internal Affairs for choosing us as one of its five founding partners.

Our journey has had its ups and downs; sometimes taking one step forward and landing two back – change was never going to be easy.

We have experienced many interesting moments, from the delight of being selected, to the excitement of getting started, to getting out amongst the people, to getting their buy-in, to dealing with misunderstandings and miscommunications, to getting actual projects done on-the-ground and to celebrating the successes and progress of locally-owned community-led development.

We acknowledge the guidance of Wiki Mulholland as our designated DIA Lead Adviser and her colleague, James Etuale and we are thankful to Phil Lendrum of BLF Chartered Accountants and Bronwyn Wilson of Wilson Accountancy Services for their financial processes and expertise.

It has been a steep learning curve for all involved, especially our trustees and staff, and the lessons learnt have set a stronger foundation and launching platform for the upcoming years.


Year Five 2021-2022

AWC Report

CSE Report

CWL Report

CWU Report