Tēnā rā koutou e ngā rangatira

My name is Richard Kingi and I have been home living in Pipiriki for 5 years now. I am fully committed to seeing our settlement community people prosper and thrive, particularly for our young and upcoming generations.

I have been the interim settlement rep for the Pipiriki community until recently, being replaced by Moko Treanor, as newly elected, confirmed and formalised by our community people.
I can now concentrate fully on my hapū representative role whilst supporting Moko as well.

We have set up two executive groups, ‘community’ & ‘marae’ working side-by-side sharing resources and/ or standing-alone as appropriate to progress agreed developments for Pipiriki/ Paraweka/ Ngāti Kurawhatia/ Te Pito o te Awa o Whanganui.

I will oversee both groups to ensure clear, cohesive and inclusive strategic direction and implementation.

The CLD programme under the TCLT is important and relevant to our community development plans and we are very appreciative and grateful for the benefits and outcomes to date.

We acknowledge Daryn and his team for their work, culturally and professionally, and we look forward to the DIA continuing to support us all.

Ngā mihi

Richard Kingi
Hapū rep Pipiriki, Paraweka & Ngāti Kurawhatia
Te Awa o Whanganui
Hapū adviser to Tamaūpoko Community Led Trust